MedFORT 5. Congress of The Mediterranean Federation of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

26 Kasım - 28 Kasım 2021

İzmir, Türkiye
We know that the Orthopedics Department is the only one that adds Trauma to the other medical disciplines. The musculoskeletal system covers a large area. From the moment of birth, human beings need orthopedic and traumatology science throughout their life.

According to the World Health Organization data, trauma is the first cause of death and injury in the 1-45 age group, and trauma is sometimes the 3rd and 4th cause of death in all age groups. Among orthopedic specialists, only those who deal with Orthopedic Trauma have been identified in a UK study as 8% (See Court-Brown CM, Clin Orthop 1995: 318: 36-42).

In our country, a handful of pioneering academicians who have been making efforts for the development of Orthopedic Trauma for years have been exposed to some restrictions and obstacles of some non-traumatic groups under the umbrella of a large association.

For this purpose, it was necessary to bring together the pioneers who make orthopedic trauma in Turkey and abroad and to go to a new formation with the purpose of transferring and verifying the current orthopedic trauma applications and approaches without profit and advertisement.

With the aim of contributing to the Turkish Orthopedic Trauma public at academic level and transferring the existing academic experience, courses, scholarships (domestic and international) and consultancy services have been organized.

Only those interested in Orthopedic Trauma will always be welcome. In particular, we aim to convey our experiences and guidance to our young friends.


Association of Orthopedic Trauma and Osteosynthesis

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